IGNITE HUBS are a family of believers in Yeshua who passionately pursue a life of exploring and demonstrating the reality and dimensions of YHVH.


The IGNITE HUBS bring together believers for times of equipping that spark passionate pursuit of YHVH, enabling them to discover their identity in Him and reveal their mandate as ambassadors of His Kingdom. 

The IGNITE HUBS provide an opportunity to place keys and strategies into the hands of believers that equip them to actively participate in the reality of the mystical heavenly realms.

As IGNITE HUBS meet in different locations, we connect across the nations, forming spiritual ‘arcs’ between hubs. Together, we are looking to reveal His Kingdom so that we can establish His will on earth as it is in heaven.


We live in hugely significant times


The people of the IGNITE HUBS believe that we live in a hugely significant time on the earth, where YHVH is beginning to unveil His sons.

As His Kingdom realm continues to be revealed, He brings about a greater revelation of who we are, the Kingdom that we represent and our mandates to see the Kingdom of YHVH established on the face of the earth.

We were made to be kings and priests who represent and reveal the Kingdom, manifest through our lives. We position and purpose our hearts to engage the destiny that YHVH has prepared for us.

At the centre of our relationship with Yeshua, is the love that we have for YHVH and one another, including our family, community and nations.


As followers of Yeshua, we believe that the impossible is made possible through Him. We now have free access to go beyond the veil, to encounter the realms of the heavens and experience deep relationship with YHVH. 

Our passion is to come together in community and see His Kingdom revealed in all areas of our lives. Through transformational, practical teaching and equipping, individuals seek to fully understand their identity and purpose that YHVH has for them.

As priests, we have the capacity to see all that YHVH is doing and speak His word as oracles into the earth. As Kings, we get to legislate with Him and establish all that He desires for His creation. As we learn who we are as sons of YHVH, we can bring life changing transformation to the world around us.






Igniting fires that burn brightly together

Igniting fires that burn brightly together

Ignite Hubs are sparking across the nation, igniting fires of power that shine brightly bringing love, hope and transformation to people, communities and the nation.


In 1967 Jean Darnall had a recurring vision of the UK where she saw fires breaking out all over the nation, from Scotland to Lands End. As these God-lit fires were joined together they burned brighter. As she continued to pray she saw lightning, explosions of fire then rivers of fire flowing from Scotland, Ireland and Wales into England. She then helped to bring much of what she saw and prophesied into being as the move of God swept the country, not only touching the church, but bringing many to faith for the first time.

“…fires were burning from the top of Scotland to Land’s End on the tip of Cornwall. Lightning streaked downward from the sky above me. I saw it touch down with flashing swiftness, exploding each of the fires into streams of light. Like lava they burned their fiery path downward from the top of Scotland to Land’s End. The waters did not stop this, but the fires spread across the seas to Ireland and to Europe…”

Ignite Hubs meet in locations around the country, igniting fires of God's dominion across the nation and the globe.

The hubs consist of a wide variety of people, by vocation, life stage and relationship with YHVH. Throughout the year the groups come together for regional meetings with the different people who make up the hub groups. 

Meeting together in homes, Ignite hubs are currently located in different communities across England and beyond. The hubs typically meet twice a month, though some groups will meet at different frequencies.



- Bristol

- Cornwall

- Malvern

- Shropshire

- Stourbridge


- Brighton

- Folkestone

- Guildford

- Haslemere

- Horsham

- Romsey

- Thames Valley 



- Coulsdon

- Fulham

- Rickmansworth

- Shoreditch

- Southgate

- Wimbledon

South East


- Letchworth

- St. Albans



- Manchester

- North Wales

- Sheffield



- Australia

- New Zealand

- Tasmania


- Germany

- Gran Canaria

- Norway

- Poland

- Sweden

- The Netherlands


- Canada



- Kenya

- Namibia

- South Africa

- Zimbabwe

Lindi Masters

Charles & Yeye Ikenna

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