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  • What is IN The Future?
    IN The Future is an Open IN Business chat designed as an outflow initiative to bring financial intelligence and futuristic technology awareness to the general Hub community via a free webinar.
  • What is IN The Future with AI?
    This chat will focus on the role of artificial intelligence and how it impacts our different businesses and industries, and as Sons how we position ourselves with these technologies and the technologies of the future.
  • Is there a cost to attend this event?
    Live attendance is free for anyone attending. Recordings will be charged at £20 per person, however if purchased pre-event a 50% discount will apply at registration. Ignite Nations members will receive recordings for free.
  • When are these events happening?
    We have currently lined up two IN The Future Business Chats on Monday 15th April 2024 and on Monday 16thSeptember 2024
  • How do I register?
    Simply click the registration button and follow the prompts. If you are an Ignite Nations active member please register on the Ignite Nations portal so that you can access the recordings and resources for free afterwards.
  • Who are the speakers?
    For the April event.... De Wen Soh De Wen Soh grew up in Singapore. He works as a professor teaching graduate level machine learning and advancing the research of various fields in artificial intelligence. De Wen’s heart is to inspire people to develop a spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that through revelatory engagement with Yahweh, we can all access the fullness of what He has made available through His Son. De Wen is currently living in Singapore with his wife, Aileen. Mark Wayne Zschech Mark was born and raised in Ukraine and is currently living in New Zealand. Mark comes from a family of innovators and visionaries and is a keen enthusiast of cutting-edge technologies. With a diverse background in marketing and business improvement, he is involved in various “on the ground” and “in the cloud” projects. He is focused on finding and building practical and sustainable solutions to accomplish the most good in the world. His family are strong believers and his parents taught him to love God with all his heart and to seek first His Kingdom. As he did, he grew increasingly more hungry to walk in a deeper understanding of life in Union with the Creator. Mark says, "I now stand on the shoulders of Giants. Mighty men and women who have gone before me. And together we co-labour to establish this Kingdom, on Earth as it is in Heaven."
  • Who can participate?
    These events are only open to Ignite Hubs International members including Ignite Nations members.
  • How do I become an Ignite Nations member?
    Ignite Nations is the Business and Finance Hub of Ignite Hubs International. Our focus is creating trans-generational wealth structures. There is a cost for membership, £33.3 To join the community please copy this link For more information on Ignite Nations, please copy this link
  • What is a hub?
    A hub is a group of people who choose to come together for the purpose of engaging & pursuing the deep mysteries of Yahweh. They come together for legislating & governing; For pursuing relationship & fellowship; For creating & manifesting the Kingdom on Heaven on Earth.
  • Who can become a member of the hub?
    Anyone who loves Yahweh, is a believer in Yeshua Ha Mashiach, wants to pursue the deep kingdom mysteries and chooses to walk and pursue relationship with other hub members.
  • Who is a hub facilitator?
    A hub facilitator is usually one who hosts the hubs as well but not always... Their role is to firstly start by engaging their new hub scroll for the hub they want to run and act as a beacon to draw others towards. They help with the smooth administration of the hub and connect with other hub facilitors in their nation. They also serve as the gatekeeper and channel through which information is shared from the national or global facilitators and filtered into their hub.
  • How can I become a hub facilitator?
    If you are interested in becoming a hub facilitator please contact your National Facilitator or Administrator or send an email to
  • Where are the hubs located?
    Hubs are located in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. For the full list, please see the drop down on the Home button or scroll down the main Home page. For a full search of where all the hubs are located. Please go to the global page and scroll down to the maps; enter the local region you want to search for.
  • How can I connect with the global community?
    You will need to be logged into your nation's page. The Global link will be visible on the menu bar and can also be accessed on the dashboard.
  • How often do hubs meet?
    Local Hubs can meet as often as they are able to. We encourage quarterly regional hub meetings and annual National and Global Hub Intensives.
  • Where can I find the schedule for our zoom meetings?
    Each nation has a button in the top right corner of their web page that says 'Schedule'. Click to access the livestream schedule. You can also access the global schedule by clicking on 'View Global Schedule' in the same box located on the global page.
  • How can I contact Ignite Hubs International?
    Please send an email to for all general enquiries.
  • How can I deactivate my hub account?
    Send an email to
  • What is I TEACH ONE?
    I TEACH ONE is the learning portal of Ignite Hubs International.
  • What is Kingdom Fundamentals?
    Kingdom Fundamentals is a year long subscription program delivered using easily digestible video lessons that cover all basics of engaging the Kingdom. To register for Kingdom Fundamentals, please visit this link -
  • What is the video Library?
    Every country has their own library portal on I TEACH ONE. Here you will find the past video recordings for all the national and global livestreams. Please visit your nation's dashboard to access your library. There is a monthly subscription to access this service with a cost of $5.00 per person or $7.00 per family.
  • Where can I listen to past recordings?
    In the library portal on I TEACH ONE.
  • Where can I listen to past events?
    All our past events are available for purchase on I TEACH ONE. Simply log in to your account to see a list of teachings available or visit this link.
  • How do I access my personal account?
    Enter your answer here
  • Where do I report any ITEACHONE queries?
    Please send any queries to:
  • How do I cancel my Library subscription
    Enter your answer here
  • What is the difference between Trading, Leverage & Terumah?"
    Listen to this short video by Ian Clayton of as he explains the differences. For more in-depth teaching, please visit I TEACH ONE to listen to teachings below: - Money Matters teaching by Grant Mahoney - Melchizedek's Chamber Part One - Melchizedek's Chamber Part Two
  • Where can I trade?
    By clicking on the TRADE button on your dashboard you will find a list of relevant trading details.
  • What is kidZhub?
    kidZhub is a parent and child(ren) community from all ages to 12 years where the children can learn and be taught about kingdom principles using the medium of art and creativity. Click here for MORE
  • How can I sign my kids up for kidZhub?
    Please send an email to or click on SIGN UP on the kidZhub page
  • Is there a fee for joining kidZhub?
    No, it's free to take part in kidZhub and join all the live online classes. But if you want to access any past recordings you will need to sign up for the kidZhub library which cost $5.00 per family.
  • Do you have any anything for young adults 13 and over?
    Yes there is the 12 to 19's hub. Please indicated your interest by clicking HERE
  • Where can I purchase kidZhub books?
    Please visit the kidZ Resources page
  • How much does the kidZhub library cost?
    It's a monthly cost of $5.99 per family
  • Where do I upload my children’s art work for the kidZhub books?
    You will need to be signed into kidZhub then select Upload Your kidZ Art.
  • How do I  cancel my KidZhub Library subscription
    Enter your answer here
  • What is Ignite Nations?
    Ignite Nations is the business Hub of Ignite Hubs International. Please visit the page for more information.
  • How can I join Ignite Nations?
    Please visit our Ignite Nations page for more details or by clicking here to apply to join.
  • Do I need to have a business to be a part of Ignite Nations?
    Enter your answer here
  • What are the Ignite Nations Initiatives?
    The following initiatives are currently being developed with Ignite Nations: ENAB, The Wellness City and I.N.F.O For more information, please visit the Ignite Nations Initiative Page
  • What is ENAB?
    ENAB - Acronym for Everyone Needs A Break ENAB was set up for the purpose of providing financial and non - financial support opportunities for those within our community.
  • How do I apply for ENAB?
    More information will be submitted
  • What is The Wellness City?
    What is The Wellness City? The Wellness City is a kingdom initiative to bring sons together for the purpose of occupying a space in the Wellness industry in order to release to humanity a corporate sound of wholeness, love, holistic wellbeing and life.
  • How do I find out more about The Wellness City?
    Please visit the The Wellness City page HERE
  • What is INFO?
    How do I find out more about INFO? I.N.F.O. - Ignite Nations Family Office - More information COMING SOON
  • How do I cancel my Ignite Nations subscription?
    Send an email to
  • Where do I sign up for events?
    Please visit the EVENTS page you will be able to see a list of all upcoming events. Please note that the Family Intensives are Ignite Hub Members events only but most of our other events are open to the public.
  • What are the Ignite Hubs Family Intensives about?
    National and Global Intensives are usually 3/4 day residential meetings for the purpose of building and strengthening relationships with the wider hub family; for coming together to release a unified sound and to engage the deep mysteries of Yahweh.
  • Who can attend the Intensives?
    Ignite Hubs Family Intensives are open to active hub members only.
  • Do you deliver internationally?
    Yes we do as some of our fulfilment houses are based in South Africa and USA.
  • What resources do you have available?
    We have a number of kids books written by Lindi Masters as well as Art Prints, Apparel, Books and more, that you can see by clicking *HERE*
  • What is Zoom?
    Zoom is online video conferencing platform that we use to host most of our livestreams and online events.
  • How do I access Zoom?
    You can download zoom for free by going to
  • What is the Ignite Hubs Inetrnational Zoom Protocol?
    You can view the Zoom Protocol by clicking *HERE*
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