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About Nest Communities

We are a Mystical Community meeting in groups and communities around the world for the purpose of engaging the Mysteries of Yahweh. We are People of The Way, partnering together as forerunners; creating river banks that create pathways for others to follow.

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Lindi Masters

The Nest Fourth Year Principal

Lindi Masters is spear-head of Ignite Hubs International - A collection of mystics all over globe that come together in small groups called Hubs to pursue and engage the Heavenly Mysteries. She is also one of the Principals of The Nest, as well as the author of a number of children's books that teach on the kingdom mysteries.

About The Nest

The Nest is an online training base for those interested in maturing as a son in the Kingdom of Yahweh.  It is a 3 year program consisting of 3 trimesters each year with a duration of 12 weeks per trimester.  Each year progressively builds upon the previous year constantly taking you deeper into the mysteries of the Word of God.  You will enjoy 144 sessions each year, either watching pre-recorded videos or joining Livestream sessions.

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