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Ignitehubs International

What we do.

Who we are.

Ignitehubs are sparking across the nation, igniting fires of power that shine brightly bringing love, hope and transformation to people, communities and the nation.

We are a Mystical Community meeting in groups and communities around the world for the purpose of engaging the Mysteries of Yahweh. We are People of The Way, partnering together as forerunners; creating river banks that create pathways for others to follow.

We Are The One New Man.

Ignitehubs International


Ignite Hubs International brings together believers for times of equipping which spark passionate pursuit of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, enabling them to discover their identity in Him and reveal their mandate as ambassadors of His Kingdom. 

Ignitehubs International


As we meet in different locations, we connect across the nations, forming spiritual ‘arcs’ between hubs. Together, we are looking to reveal His Kingdom so that we can establish His will on earth as it is in heaven.

Ignitehubs International


Ignite Hubs is the cosmic formation of an abode  for those who love and want to pursue the deep kingdom mysteries; who want to walk the ancient paths and  engage with the truth beyond the veil.

Ignitehubs International
Ignitehubs International

The people of the IGNITE HUBS believe that we live in a hugely significant time on the earth, where YHVH is beginning to unveil His sons.

Our Hub Locations.

Ignitehubs International
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